Anidipta Web Design

I'm a 28 year old creative and enthusiastic freelance web developer and designer based in Bhubaneswar, India. My focus is on creating beautiful web standards compliant websites, CMS instigation built with JQuery, CSS and XHTML that are accessible and elegant. I provide design for virtually any medium, from your initial branding and identity to advertising, printed materials and websites.

I produce clear and intelligent brand, design and advertising work. And because I can work across a range of media formats, I am able to create campaigns that speak in one persuasive voice with your brand at the very core of the design. Anidipta can help you bring your products and services to the right customers with the right message and the right look.

First I get to the bottom of what you need. Then I work with you to produce the best solution for the job. No big fuss. Just great communication.


My passion for learning and developing my skills is my driving force. With www I find myself in an environment where i am constantly challenged, where innovation and forward thinking are key and where creativity is foremost. My artistic training and business experience provide the perfect combination to ensure an attractive presentation with powerful content.

I have worked with lots of businesses - from design agencies, small independent retailers, to international corporations(MNC).

I have also worked on a broad range of products, with technologies and aims such as ecommerce systems, CMS integration, online/offline marketing, site analytics and more.
Want to know a little more? Well, check out what I am currently doing to, or connect with me on LinkedIn.